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Non-operative sports medicine, comprehensive concussion care, vestibular rehabilitation  and physical therapy.  Individualized program to get you back to school, work, and play!

We offer a broad range of services at the Great Lakes Sports Medicine and Concussion Clinic. Our doctors are Board Certified in their areas of expertise and are able to provide state of the art care for all cases of concussion and sports medicine.  We specialize in cases of persistent post-concussion symptoms such as cognitive slowing, increased psychological distress, and ongoing dizziness and poor balance.  Whether your injury requires cognitive assessment, vestibular rehabilitation, physical therapy, rehabilitation counseling, or sports medicine treatment, we have you covered! 

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Resting Athlete


Our doctors believe that immediate rest (for a few days) after an injury is the best way to assure timely recovery and will make all necessary recommendations for removal from school, work, and athletics to give you a chance to feel better as soon as possible.

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